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OneSteel Wire guarantees that wall ties produced from its unique, purpose-specific wire will meet the durability criteria1 specifiedin AS/NZS 2699.12 (or, for connectors and accessories, AS/NZS 2699.2) for all corrosion classifications from R3 down to R0.


Lessons from the Newcastle earthquake

The poor performance of masonry in structures in the 1989 Newcastle earthquake dramatically illustrated the importance of correct construction techniques and component serviceability.
The cost to the nation of the earthquake was well over $1 billion, with most of the structural damage being to masonry – in both old and recently constructed buildings. Investigators attributed much of the masonry damage to either inadequate or completely missing wall ties. In many cases the original steel wall ties were found to have totally corroded away, due to inadequate zinc coatings.


  The Masonry Code

  The Masonry Code (AS 3700:2001, Masonry structures) specifies performance requirements   for    work falling within the scope of the Building Code of Australia.
 It takes into account the need for improved construction practice, plus important recent  developments in masonry design. The current Masonry Code calls up AS/NZS 2699 and this Standard requires a design life of at least 50 years for all in-built steel components.


  • Provided the zinc coating is not materially damaged.
  • Tie manufacturers should be aware that AS/NZS2699.1 contains requirements on the structural performance of ties, relating to their design. This aspect beyond the control of OneSteel Wire.
  • More than 1km from a surf beach.
  • Arid areas.


The wall tie Standard

AS/NZS 2699:2000, In-built components for masonry construction, is a new and comprehensive product manufacturing Standard. Part 1 relates to wall ties, and Part 2 to connectors and accessories.
The Code divides, and defines, application environments into five general corrosion classifications, from R4 (within 1km of a surf beach) down to R0 (arid areas).
For all corrosion classifications from R3through to R04 the Standard deems satisfactory only one galvanised wire tie material, carrying a minimum 470g/m2 of zinc. Wall ties made from this material must also be coloured a distinctive red.



A product with solid benefits

  • Guaranteed to comply to Standard AS/NZS 2699:2000
  • One galvanised wire tie covers all corrosive conditions for sites at least 1km from surf beaches
  • Pre-coloured – no mess, no clean up
  • High zinc coating of 470g/m2 for extra long life
  • Coloured red for easy identification






Meeting the Standard for connectors and accessories

This wire may also be used for connectors and accessories to meet AS/NZS 2699.2.



Orders and enquiries
For wire orders, please call OneSteel Wire on: 1800 132 160 or visit the OneSteel website at:
For Wall Tie orders, please contact your local supplier.
For peace of mind, insist on masonry wall ties produced with red OneSteel wall tie wire