Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why are the masonry ties red?
A. The wire that is used to manufacture the masonry ties is provided by Onesteel. To meet the AS/NZ standards Onesteel have been able to achieve a 470gm/m2 coating of galvanising. To distinguish this from other galvanised wire an additional process of coating the wire RED was introduced.
Q. Do our masonry ties meet the classifications detailed in AS/NZ 3700:2001?

Independent testing by BRANZ has classified our ties as shown on this website. Information is also shown on the packaging.  

Q. What is R3 and R4 durability?
A. R3 - 470 gm/m2 Galvanised Wire (red)
R4 - 316 grade Stainless Steel Wire
Q. When do I need to use R4?
  • Less than 1km from breaking surf.
  • Less than 100m from salt water not breaking surf.
  • Within heavy industrial areas.
Q. Can I get non standard sizes?
A. Yes, however you will be responsible to ensure that they meet engineering standards.
Q. Do we produce a brick veneer tie rated for cyclonic areas?
A. Our brick veneer tie is called a Block Tie and is certified as Heavy Duty by the University of Western Australia.
Q. How many ties do I need and how do I fit them?

The building code of Australia provides information on correct fitting, however if variations are needed engineers must be consulted.

Q.  Can we manufacture light engineering products to customer specification?
A.  Yes, we have a full ISO certified workshop that employs a wide range of metal tradesmen. 
 Q.  What other engineering capabilities can you provide?
 A.  See Our capability fact sheet.
 Q.  Can I get more technical information?
 A.  Call or email us and we will reply to all enquiries.

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